Practical Guidelines For Speedy Programs Of Commercial Loans

Lets use Minimum Cash balance = 5% for illustration. Bank A Deposit = $100,000. This is registered as a Liability at the bank. The bank is liable to pay Gabriel back $100,000 upon demand. When a bank receives deposits, MAS requires Singapore banks to keep 5% of the deposit with MAS current account, under the Minimum Cash Balance. View photos Info-graphic 1: How Singapore Banks receive deposits and lends out loans, What is Minimum Cash Balance used for? For this, MAS mandates the banks operating in Singapore to keep a Minimum Cash Balance (MCB) also known interchangeably as Reserve Ratio or Reserve Requirement or fractional reserve lending. A deposit received by the bank is a liability to the bank. The bank is liable to pay it back upon demand by the depositor. In this case, if Gabriel deposits $100,000, then banks in Singapore are required to keep $5,000 as Minimum Cash Balance (MCB).

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